SMART Cutting Board 37cm

  • SW10635

USA Material
Using pine wood and natural resin as raw materials, it then pressed under extremely high pressure (2800 tons) and  high temperature  (140˚C), so the cutting board is exceptionally strong, but still retains the texture and natural appearance of the wood.
The surface density of the cutting board is extremely high, the food juice is difficult to penetrate into the interior. Even if it is immersed in water for a long time, it will not absorb water, which effectively prevents mildew and bacteria.
Dishwashers safe
Unlike ordinary wooden cutting boards on the market, wood fiber cutting boards are definitely suitable for dishwasher cleaning, and can also be sterilized by high temperature.
Superior Hardness
Compared with the thick cutting boards in the market, even if the wood fiber chopping board is only 6mm or 9mm thick, the hardness is still superior compare to others, and you can cut and chop meat or ingredients on the cutting board at will.
Knife friendly
The cutting board has high hardness and not easy to deform, but the surface of wood fibers is relatively soft to the knife, and help to prevent the sharp blade of the knife from turning dull.
Heat resistant
The cutting board can withstand heat up to 176˚C, and can be used as a heat insulation pad. Moxibustion ingredients or hot pans can be placed directly on the chopping board without fear of scalding the table.
Groove Design
Effectively prevent the juices of ingredients from flowing to the countertop. Don’t worry that the blood of the meat will flow outside the chopping board to cross-infect other ingredients.
Anti-slip rubber
Anti-slip silicone can effectively prevent the cutting board from sliding and reduce accidents.
Easy to clean
Easily cleaned with water, leaving no stains or color of the ingredients.
Quality verification
Been certified by the testing organization in different countries, such as: FDA and LFGB certification, FSC certification for environment protection, also have no Bisphenol-A and has passed the antibacterial test. The antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica subsp enterica and Staphylococcus aureus reached 99%.


RRP (HKD 790)